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I have no Klout

I have to admit, for all my time spent on social media, I was a bit disappointed to discover my Klout score was only 11! Obviously they do not count Pinterest or you would have to multiply that number by at least ten. So no more silent Facebook stalking or Twitter reading. I must post post post if I want my number to be more respectable.

24 Hours Later…

My score has jumped to a pseudo-respectable 44. I think there was a delay in accessing Facebook data. Because I am certainly not silent on Facebook!

Let’s see what happens over next 24 hours as it adds in Foursquare and Flickr. Take that you pathetic 11!

My Most Recent Klout Score


5 comments on “I have no Klout

  1. Lara Britt

    JV, fear not. It takes a minute for them to really calculate the score. I went from 11 to 45 in less than three weeks. I’m betting you have more Klout than you realize. Still trying to figure out if I should really, I mean REALLY, care about it.

    • valigrlgreen

      Yeah, there is an article I stumbled upon on Twitter that debates how accurate it is or how much you should care about a Klout score. While my life won’t revolve around it, I’ll probably obsess about it for a few days.

  2. Maggie

    How does one find out your klout score oh wise social media guru?

    • valigrlgreen
      You will need to connect to all your various social media services, so toss privacy out the window. But once accomplished it will spit out a score for you.

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