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Where did all the men go? Oh. Google+ apparently.

I found this on the interwebs.
I think it validates my suspicions.

So the ladies dominate Pinterest and, let’s face it, most of the social media realm. Especially recently it seems.

I’ve noticed many of the guys in my network have gone silent. No posts, tweets, updates, etc. That is until I logged into my dusty Google+ account.

Here they seem to have found a refuge from baby pictures, wedding plans, office gossip, and all the other deliciousness that makes up the content on the other sites. They are posting about geeky gadgets they like, techie blogs they read, and one guy is posting a day-by-day account of his experience as a dude reading Eat, Pray, Love. And he assures us it has not affected his masculinity in any way, even if he did choke up while reading the final chapters.

This last thread of posts my friend never would have survived posting on Facebook. I’m sure I would have been one of many “friends” that would have had a field day commenting on his posts and making an assortment of tongue-in-cheek comments. Yet in the vast wasteland that is Google+, he has been able to survive his quest virtually unscathed. Aside from myself, I wonder if anyone even noticed…

So what is it about Google+ that has drawn in this predominantly male crowd? Like most Google apps (especially GoogleDocs), I find it cumbersome to navigate and visually unappealing. Kind of like the local hardware store. Good luck finding the 3/4″ washer you went in for. Roam unguided through aisles of mouse traps and unlabeled plumbing parts. Eventually you might stumble upon a knowledgable bloke who can not only identify the washer but recite ad nauseam all the uses of said washer. Thus is my impression of Google (search engine aside). I can’t organize it, navigate it, or really see its appeal. Plus it smells funny.

I prefer a nice shiny Home Depot. Well-lit, signs at every aisle, and each store laid out the same. Something like Pinterest or Instagam. I don’t need to sit down and study it. I can figure it out for myself thank you. And it looks pretty. I even like the logical new Facebook timeline.

Is it something about male vs. female brains that draws us to different things? Or have the cornucopia of LOL cats, baby pics, and tweets about PMS driven the men to the only place we women have yet to follow? To the quiet corridors of the less-than-intuitive and unattractive realm of Google+.


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