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Social Media is Scary

anti_fbSo this week I have come up against two big social mediaphobes. The first is in the form of a person and the second is in the form of a public school district.

Let’s start with the individual, shall we?

This person still does not have a Facebook page. Shocking, I know. Here were some of their reasonings: too much personal information, too time consuming, and what if someone stole their identity. Here is my reply: there is only too much personal information there if YOU put it there, it only takes as much or as little time as you allow once you get past the learning curve but I can see how it might cut into your 15+ hours a week of television viewing, and lastly, who would want your identity? Of all the identities they could assume, yours would probably not be on the top of their list. Or even the middle. Or on the list at all…

And the school district (which shall remain nameless). The goal was a Facebook page for our program.

After a meeting with the Communications team and representatives from Legal Council, I was basically shot down. I think I might manage to walk away with 10% of what I was asking for. Everywhere I turned it was one worse-case scenario after another. What if a child were identified in a photo who didn’t have a release and an estranged relative tracked them down and abducted them? What if someone posted explicit material on our wall and it looks as though we are condoning it because it is on our wall and we are held liable? What if students use the forum to bully other students? What if aliens landed in the middle of the meeting and used mind-ray guns to suck out logic and reasoning from everyones frontal lobes?

OK, I added that last one myself.

Relax everyone. Social media is a communication tool. A way to engage with the world around you. And it is not going away anytime soon.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a short video that proves my point.



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