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Millennial Tweet-heads

How dare Millennials reject social media or technology?! How dare any 20-something not be active on Facebook and Twitter?! And worse: what gives them the gall to defy my stereotypes of their generation?!

I had a recent experience where I was facilitating a training for a group of about 30 Millennials. We were going to be “live tweeting” the workshop and then using Storify to collect the tweets and send them back out, sort of like a collective journal of the “ah-ha” moments they would all have during the training. Because naturally it was going to be a riveting presentation and there would be lots of things to tweet!

When planning the workshop I made an assumption. I assumed that being in their 20’s, most, if not all of the participants, would already have a Twitter account. Even so, I allowed for time up front where they could create an account if they did not already have one.

Well, much to my utter horror, only about 2 or 3 of the participants actually had Twitter!!!

We spent well more than the allotted time going around and getting everyone on board, all whilst I extolled the virtues of Twitter from on high.

Needless to say, the “live tweet” was not the most effective tool. And I would wager that all the new tweet-heads have since allowed their accounts to languish in the cyber-realm.

This got me to thinking. Was this group an anomaly? Or is this rejection of social media and technology endemic of this up and coming generation?

Naturally I turned to the internet to answers.

Alas, Google failed me. Again.

According to all the various search terms I used, Millennials are still dominating social media. Maybe using it a little differently than other generations, but intensely present nonetheless. Which completely contradicts my own field research (otherwise known as chatting with a few Millennial coworkers around the proverbial water cooler), where I was informed that Millennials are starting to reject social media. It’s that thing “your mom is on” or is “too commercial” or “too public”.

But tragically I found no research to back this up. Maybe it’s just Minneapolis Millennials? Maybe the peeps around me are all anomalies? Or maybe this is just the beginning of an emerging trend? I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on this topic.

In the meantime, anyone without Facebook or Twitter in this day and age is hopelessly disconnected. So says me.

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4 comments on “Millennial Tweet-heads

  1. It is true! Most of the 20 somethings that I know do not use twitter. I only started using twitter when I started my blog. Now I use it to promote my blog and network with other local Social Media, PR, and Communications professionals. Otherwise, I don’t think I would use it. I do like to be able to tell a business or restaurant if I had good or bad service right away. I also win stuff on Twitter all the time.

    • valigrlgreen

      I love Twitter! Did you read my “Pintertweet” post? That’s how I use Twitter. That and for live tweeting at events. Although I’m also a Gen Xer, so maybe my opinion doesn’t count 🙂

      • I do like to live tweet at events as well. MNBlogCon is the best. I am starting to like twitter more and I find it very useful for networking.

  2. SJT

    Hipsters are the anti Millennials. You probably work with them. They hate everything. And all social media is passe. They’re probably snapchatting their fedoras and suspenders to each other.

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